Internet User Meeting 25th October

Swainby Internet User Meeting

Swainby Village Hall, 7pm Tuesday 25th October, 2011

Now the broadband situation in the village is improving, I thought it was a good opportunity for everyone to share experiences and learn how others are using broadband.


  • Current Status of Broadband in Swainby

  • Shared tips / experiences of getting the most out of broadband

  • Need for Future Improvements in Broadband in Swainby

  • How to troubleshoot your broadband connection both wired and wireless

  • What should be on a Swainby community website

  • Using Linux to browse the web,  watch internet TV, etc. on old hardware - (Linux is free and replaces Windows to make old hardware responsive)

  • AOB


Notes from Meeting in Mindmap Below - click on branches to expand detail and drag empty space to move map around.



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