Broadband in Swainby

Super Fast Broadband Now Available In Swainby

To find out more, talk to people who are already using it, further details below.


Update 18th November from LNC: "In respect to Scugdale, things are finally afoot. Today our technicians have installed the repeater system at Wellington Farm on the A19 and next Friday the repeater is being installed at Holiday House so that will hopefully provide satisfactory coverage for that area." - watch this space for further updates.


During July and August 2011 LN Communications installed a Super Fast wireless internet service (130Mbits/s) that covers most of Swainby and it is planned to expand this to cover the surrounding area.

The service makes use of North Yorkshire County Council’s 1GBits/second Fibre Optic Broadband system (NYNet) that connects to a wireless transmitter in a business centre in Stokesley.

The ultra fast signal is beamed wirelessly to a point on Whorl Hill, then relayed to a point near Scarth Nick and then down into Swainby either directly to your house or via a repeater (one is on the Village Hall).

The following residential services are available, please check for full details.

Service Speed*

Download Limit per Month

Monthly Cost (inc VAT)

5Mbits/s up & down

10 Giga Bytes


10Mbits/s up & down

20 Giga Bytes


20Mbits/s up & down**



* The current average speed in Swainby is from 0.5 to 2Mbits/s down and 0.23Mbits/s up
**50Mbits/s for the first 30 seconds of each transfer

There is a one off cost for installation of £50.

The initial service is a 12 months contract and you are free to upgrade or downgrade your package at any time without additional charge.

Anyone who is still under contract with an existing broadband company will be able to terminate their contract giving 30 days notice following an OFCOM ruling.

This new service does not use your telephone line.

The service is effectively 'uncontended' as the capacity of the system is larger than any individuals bandwidth i.e. you don't share the connection to the internet with anyone, unlike traditional ADSL broadband where your connection can be shared by as many as 80 people. This means that in the evening when everyone is on the internet, it should not slow down.

The service relies on a clear line of sight between your property and the transmitter, so trees in the way can cause problems, but it is unaffected by wind, rain, snow or ice.

Even the slowest speed of the service will allow you to watch High Definition (1hour ~ 2GB) video on demand over the internet (even at peak times) although if you watch a lot of BBC iPlayer programs you will soon use up your 10Gb monthly limit.

An antenna in the shape of a small plastic box measuring about 30 cm x 15 cm x 3 cm is fitted to either an existing TV aerial pole or to the gable end or on a chimney, where it can get a 'line of sight' view of a transmitting point.  A cable is fed from there into your house and a 'network' socket is installed at a convenient location in the house.

Into this socket you can plug your computer or wireless access point. The company can supply a wireless access point for £20.

Note: your existing ADSL Router that is connected to the telephone line to provide your current broadband probably cannot be used.

If you want to have this service, then you need to contact LN Communications to tell them you want to sign up for their service and tell them what speed you require – either fill in the form at:

or call 0845 643 5811

L N Communications will then contact you to arrange a survey to determine when they will connect you up.

To receive updates on progress please email Simon Gibbon – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – include name and address (timing of availability will depend on the exact location of your house).