Oil Order 6th Nov


I will be placing the order for the heating oil at the very latest on the 6th November.


If you need oil delivering mid November please can you let me know:-

  • The address for the delivery
  • How many litres of oil you think you need 
  • Are there any special instructions?

These may be:-

  • Where the tank is situated,
  • Key code foe any security gate which may be fitted,
  • If you use an Aga or Rayburn user, a chemical additive needs to be mixed with the heating oil to ensure the kerosene burns more efficiently,
  • An extra long hose may be required, normally about 150 ft. is a typical tanker lead, but if you think it may take more than this to reach your tank please can you specify.
  • Do you need a smaller tanker to fit your access gateway
  • If you need to be in when the oil is delivered, just enter "Ring before delivery" in the delivery instructions when you order your oil and the supplier will contact you prior to delivery, but as long as the driver can get to your oil tank then they'll be able to manage fine without you there.


The main kind of home heating oil is Kerosene (28 second) and this is what most people will use – it’s what I will be ordering! The lesser used alternative to Kerosene is Gas Oil (35 second), which is found mainly in older installations and industrial boilers.  One common way to tell between the two is to look at the gauge, or the oil itself, and if it's red/pink it's Gas Oil.  However if you're unsure I recommend you contact a qualified service engineer.  PLEASE let me know if you are needing anything but 28 second kerosene.


You will be charged for the oil that is delivered, if you ordered 900 litres, and only 850 is delivered then you will be charged for the 850.  Payment to the supplier is due within two weeks of receiving the invoice.  Please bear in mind are that there is a legal minimum of 500 litres and that if you order over 2300 litres, and you are a domestic user, you may need to sign a declaration to avoid paying the commercial VAT rate.

  • Please can you inform me when you receive the oil,
  • And how much was delivered to help me keep my records up to date.


Thank you for your cooperation and for making the club work.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.